Data protection in an era of surveillance and interception

Jan Philipp Albrecht

Jan P. Albrecht is a member of the European Parliament elected for the German Greens. As a lawyer and one of the most significant European politicians of the young generation he focuses on the protection of privacy and strengthening civil rights in the era of internet and digital technology. Between 2006 and 2008 he was the spokesman of the German Green Youth and in 2009 he was elected to the European Parliament as the youngest German deputy. He has sponsored the proposed General Data Protection Regulation which was in October adopted by an overwhelming majority by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs in the EP. His goal is to have the Parliament vote on adopting this bill before this year’s elections (May 24).

Ján Simkanič

An executive director of an internet publishing house Internet Info (publishes e.g.,, in which he has been working since 2001. Previously he was responsible for the content development of news servers and a marketing strategy of the firm. He graduated from economy and translatology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. Occasionally he does moderating and journalism (being an author of the Czech Non-consciousness book and an essay Media revolution). In the present, he is the Chairman of the Executive Board at Association for Internet Advertising.

Michal Berg

An internet entrepreneur, co-owner of, activist and a Green Party expert on information society topics. He deals with the issues of open data, e-democracy, online activism or openness of public administration. Personal web:, expert blog:, twitter: @michalberg

Oldřich Kužílek

Oldřich Kužílek is an advisor for openness of the public administration and privacy protection, a theater play director, broadcast moderator, former politician, MP, author of the law on free access to information. Since 2000 he has been producing the Otevř project. He also deals with privacy protection (advisor, author of commentaries). He used to be a member of Senate’s Permanent commission on privacy protection, an advisor to ministers and institutions. In 2007 he became a member of the Government’s Council on Human Rights. Since 2011 he is the member of the advisory board of the Office of the Government for fight against corruption.

Šárka Soudková

Šárka holds a doctoral degree in sociology from Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, she also studied criminology at University of New Orleans in USA. During her studies she worked at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and since 2008 at the Department of organized criminality of the National Interpol Centrale Prague where she specialized on crimes committed via internet. Since 2013 she works in the National centre for safer internet where she deals with negative social phenomena in an online environment, mostly from the standpoint of prevention.

Václav Novák

Václav Novák is an expert of a NGO Iuridicum Remedium for IT and a member of the jury for this year’s Big Brother Awards in the Czech Republic. He holds a degree in informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University and in sousaphone at the Prague Conservatoire. In his civil life he is a developer and an architect of the platform for social media analytics and a member of a sousaphone quartet Síla.

Green industry: cornerstone of a competitive Europe?

Monika Ladmanová

Monika is leading the corporate social responsibility program's portfolio for the technological giant IBM in Czech Republic. At the same time she serves as the Chair of the board of the Open Society Fund Prague, an endowment fund launched in 1992 by the philanthropist George Soros. The aim of the fund is to support open society and democracy development. Before her role as a Chairperson, Monika worked for the fund as a Strategic development officer and as an Executive director of its subsidiary office: Open Society. She has been long-term engaged in human rights protection with the emphasis on equal opportunities for women and men and she had spent five years in the executive board of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development, a global women's rights organization. After graduating in law at Charles University, she studied law at Columbia University, focusing on public interest.

Ondřej Kopečný

Ondřej Kopečný studied political science at Faculty of Arts in acheter cialis sans ordonnance Prague and in Grenoble at Science Po as well as public and social policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, where he currently pursues his PhD. He works in a think-tank Glopolis and is a director of the board at Czech Forum for Development Cooperation - FoRS. He focuses on topics related to economic globalization, quality of life and alternative indicators of growth.

Ondřej Šrámek

A graduate in political science at an economics school, he is interested in interactions between politics and business. He believes that politics and business need to communicate openly and that the absence of their transparent interaction makes the Czech transformation more painful than necessary. In the present, he works as a lobbyist for energy savings at the global isolation manufacturer Knauf Insulation.

Radek Špicar

A vice-chair of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic for economic policy and a director of Aspen Institute Prague. A former deputy vice-prime minister for economy and later a member of the management of ŠkodaAuto. He teaches at the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is the director of where can i buy viagra online safely the board of director at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and a member of the Corporate Council at Forum 2000 Foundation. He graduated from Charles University and University of Cambridge.

Reinhard Bütikofer

Reinhard Bütikofer is the acting co-chair of the European Green Party and a member of the European Parliament for the German Greens. There, he deals with issues linked to industry, resources, economy and EU foreign policy. He has been engaged in the green politics from the early 80s. For a long time he had been active locally in Baden Württenberg and since 2002 he was the co-chair of the German Greens. In 2008 he decided not to stand for office buy viagra online canada again and instead focus on European issues.

Zdeněk Kudrna

Zdeněk Kudrna engages himself in research of European integration and the regulation of financial markets at the University of Vienna. He used to work as a consultant of the World Bank, of the United Nations Development Program and as an advisor to the Czech finance minister. He is a member of the Working Commission of the Government Legislative Council for the evaluation of effects of state regulation. He publishes comments on EU affairs.

Food quality and consumer rights

Arnaud Apoteker

Arnaud Apoteker studied environmental chemistry at Paris 12 University and did post-doctoral work at the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. He is GMO advisor to the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament since 2011 and follows developments and regulations on GMOs at the European level. Before he was campaigner for the environmental organisation Greenpeace since 1990, and specifically in charge of GMOs since 1996. He has been involved in the international negotiations for the Carthagena Protocol on Biosafety for Greenpeace.

Eva Lichtenberger

Eva Lichtenberger is a member of the European Parliament for the Austrian Greens, dealing mostly with transport, tourism and civil rights. She graduated from psychology, political science and art history at the University of Innsbruck. In the late 80s she took active part in resolving environmental problems in the Tyrolese city of Hall. In 1994 she became the first Austrian Green to become a minister in the regional government, with the portfolio of environmental affairs. In 1999 she was elected a member of the Austrian parliament and five years later she succeeded in running for office in the European Parliament.

Josef Sklenář

Twenty-three years ago, Josef Sklenář founded farm Sasov near Jihlava which already in 1999 received organic certification. In this alternative regime he makes both vegetable and animal products with the largest pig husbandry in Czechia. Since 2010 he has been running a slaughterhouse to which he only last year added a meat factory financed by his own customers. The well-being of the bred animals and the harmony with nature are Josef Sklenář’s top priorities which naturally reflects in the quality of the end products. In 2011 he opened the first biofuel powerplant at an organic farm in this country.

Margit Slimáková

An expert on health prevention and nutrition. She graduated from pharmacy and dietology in USA. She publishes and lectures regularly and promotes healthy nutrition at schools. She uses proven findings from all areas of medicine. An author of nutrition recommendations Healthy plate and website dealing with issues of health prevention and food quality.

Otakar Jiránek

Founder and director of Country Life company. He was a member of the first Czech certification commission for organic food, in 1991 he brought in the first organic products to the local market. Country Life currently focuses mainly on the distribution and sale of organic food and healthy nutrition. The wholesale distributes over 2000 food items, eco-friendly drugstore products and natural cosmetics to specialized stores across the country. Apart from this, the firm also runs seven shops and three restaurants itself. The activities of Country Life include the operation of an organic farm and making bakery products.

Vojtěch Kotecký

Vojtěch Kotecký works as a program director of Hnutí DUHA, a Czech environmental organization. Although he graduated in systemic biology and ecology at the Faculty of Science, he spends most of his time negotiating with politicians and clerks, writing analyses or newspaper articles. In the present, he strives most for a government which would support smart green innovations, for nature’s place in the landscape and for a healthy living environment available to all.

Energy (r)evolution: German inspiration for CR?

Klára Sutlovičová

She graduated in social and cultural ecology at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. Since 2003 she had worked in an NGO Centre for Transport and Energy where she dealt with the implementation of the emission trading system in EU and climate protection policy on national, European and international levels. From 2013 she has worked for the Czech office of Greenpeace where she runs the campaign for the protection of the Arctic. In 2013 she took part in the work of a trilateral group for “Energiewende” sponsored by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. She is the author and co-author of several publications on climate protection and energetics.

Martin Sedlák

A graduate of Brno University of Technology (2008) in Energetic Engineering with the focus on thermal and nuclear energetics. His diploma project dealt with the topic of economics of renewable energy sources - cogeneration biomass source. Since 2012 he has worked in Alliance for Energetic Self-sufficiency where he deals with the potential of renewables in the Czeh Republic and opportunities for the use of sustainable energetics in the world. Previously, he used to work as an analyst in Hnutí DUHA where he dealt with economic aspects of nuclear energetics and coordinated an environmental organizations’ energetic concept project Smart energy.

Milan Šimoník

Milan Šimoník is an** energy engineer**, since 1990 he has taken part in the design and construction of power plants and heating plants in Czech republic and abroad (in ABB, ALSTROM, ČEZ, PSG). He closely follows the German Energiewende and its influence on the whole of Europe. As head of the energy section of the Green Party, he strives for a fair debate on the future course of Czech energy strategy.

Rebecca Harms

Rebecca Harms is the acting co-chair of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament. She was born in 1956 in Germany where she begun her career as a landscape designer, eventually co-producing a number of film documentaries. Ever since the 70s she has been active in the anti-nuclear movement. She is an expert on European energetic and climatic policy and is a strong advocate of European energy transition, including the gradual phasing-out of nuclear and fossil sources. She considers European Union the best political experiment the world has ever seen.

Vratislav Ludvík

Since 1973 he has been engaged in the field of energy, namely gas industry. He used to work in Transgas and Directorate-General of Czech Gas Enterprises. In 1992-3 he was deputy minister responsible for energy. He represented CR in several international organizations (United Nations, the Hexagonal). After leaving the public service he has worked as an independent consultant for energy policy and gas industry. He publishes in a web magazine Česká pozice.